Friday, January 26, 2007

TWS Tiny Type Sponsor Update

Jan 20, 2007

In recent acquisitions, DC has acquired the likes of Finnish superstars, Iikka Backstrom and Lauri Heiskari who are both (un) coincidentally off of Forum Snowboards. Now take a deep breath, the Finn’s have left the program along with long time Forum heavy hitter Devun Walsh. DC has also snagged young gun, Kimmy Fasani who came over from the Burton camp. In other heavy sponsor change news, recent TransWorld SNOWboarding cover dude, and DC rider, Aaron Biittner has left Technine to pursue other unnamed opportunities. After all the building, there have been some departures; Jacqui Berg has left the brand as well as—one more deep breath—Simon Chamberlain. You’re shocked we know, Simon has left to further his future with his clothing brand Nomis.

Nima Jalali just dropped in on a brand spanking new, 2007 Audi A4—paid in full, son. Nima also picked up a couple sponsors along the way, he’s running L1 outerwear, and leaving Spy, Nima’s rocking Hoven goggles as is the Lake Tahoe homey, Robbie Sell. Nim’s also claiming endorsements by Taco Bell, and Amstel Light. Word? Him, Justin Hebbel, Zack Marben and Jon Kooley are also headed to Quebec to shoot rails.

Bear Mountain filmer, Justin Meyer recently got engaged to his longtime GF, Amber Pinney. Hannah Beaman has Ride Snowboards under her feet; Louie Vito is on Nike, Monster Energy, and Technine bindings; Ryan Thompson's put pen to paper and officially signed with Salomon; and Andreas Wiig is off O-Matic and riding for Nitro. Big stuff going down. Check back to next week for more updates on the wide world of snowboarding.


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